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Why in-person?

Fewer distractions

Sharing the same physical space means fewer distractions and a higher quality of attention from both parties

Reduce isolation

In-person therapy is a way to get out of the house and reduce isolation

Enhanced communication

Therapists can track body language, breath, and innumerable other cues that facilitate communication

More privacy

In-person therapy provides a more private setting, ensuring the confidentiality that therapy requires

Time to reflect

Traveling to therapy allows you to shift gears and reflect, getting more out of the therapeutic experience

Gold Standard of Care

For over a century, in-person therapy has established itself as the gold standard of treatment, in contrast to virtual therapy where therapists frequently lack extensive experience and specialized training


Quality, accessible care

Finding a high-quality, available therapist on standard directories is a challenge. InPersonTherapy.com changes that. We address the common issues of finding experienced therapists and affordable options, including those accepting Medi-Cal and Medicare.

Our platform stands out with these features:

Top-tier Therapist Access

Unique to our directory, we offer free profiles to therapists with over 10 years of licensed experience and professional publications, ensuring access to top-tier professionals

Affordable Options with Insurance Flexibility

We provide free profiles for therapists with lower fees and those accepting specific insurances like Medi-Cal and Medicare, broadening access to quality care.

Focus on In-Person Sessions

In a digital-heavy era, we prioritize therapists who offer in-person sessions, fostering deeper, more personal connections in therapy.


In-person is more personal

It felt so good to easily find someone I could actually visit. Made a huge difference to me.John, San Francisco

After months of virtual therapy, meeting a therapist in person felt like a breath of fresh air. This service made it possible, and I’m so thankful for the change.Audrey, Oakland

Our founder

A personal story

The rising tide of loneliness and alienation has become increasingly apparent, with the digitalization of human connections often leaving people feeling empty, even in a crowd. The pandemic only intensified this disconnection, as lives transitioned online; virtual therapy became a lifeline, yet for many it lacked the depth of in-person encounters.

Clients now seek out the tangible presence that only face-to-face sessions can offer—a presence so vital that many refuse to settle for anything less. This inspired the creation of InPersonTherapy.com, a platform dedicated to bridging the gap between those seeking the authenticity of in-person therapy and therapists eager to provide it, reaffirming our commitment to the profound human connections at the heart of healing.

James Norwood, PsyD

Founder, InPersonTherapy.com

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