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As the world goes virtual, there is unmet demand for in-person therapy

I live in the Atlanta metro area, can anyone tell me how I can look up therapists for in-person sessions near me? I’ve never been to in-person therapy and I would like to try it as teletherapy isn’t helping that much.

I’m having the hardest time finding an in-person therapist. One of the issues that I’d like to work on in therapy is social anxiety, so naturally, virtual therapy isn’t the best option in my case.

How the hell do you find a therapist!? I’ve called 5 different offices to try and set up appointments and haven’t heard back from anyone. They were the only ones I could find within a 20 minute radius and taking new clients.

Quotes from actual Reddit users

“Zoom appears to be an impoverished social communication system relative to in-person conditions”

Yale University Neuroscience Study →

A recent study from Yale University found that neural signaling was much weaker on Zoom than in face-to-face conversations.

They observed that people who participated in face-to-face conversations had more eye contact and increased pupil diameters, suggesting increased arousal in the two brains.

They also measured increased EEG activity during in-person interactions, which suggests better ability to process faces.

Moreover, they found more coordinated neural activity between the brains of people who talked in person, suggesting increased reciprocal exchanges of social cues between the pairs.

Nan Zhao, Xian Zhang, J. Adam Noah, Mark Tiede, Joy Hirsch; Separable processes for live “in-person” and live “zoom-like” faces. Imaging Neuroscience 2023; 1 1–17. doi:


Why in-person?

Facilitate in-person work

Our platform is specifically designed for therapists who believe in the irreplaceable benefits of face-to-face interactions. By joining, you align yourself with a community that values and promotes in-person sessions, making it easier for clients seeking this form of therapy to find you.

More engaging work

In-person therapy offers a depth of engagement that is often challenging to replicate online. It allows for a better understanding of non-verbal cues and fosters a stronger therapeutic alliance. This can lead to more fulfilling and effective sessions for both you and your clients.

Financial benefits

Clients seeking in-person therapy often view it as a significant commitment and are usually willing to invest more in their mental health journey. This can translate into a clientele that is not only more committed to the therapy process but also willing to pay full fees for the specialized service they receive.

Membership includes

  • 6 month free trial with 1 year money back guarantee
  • Highly targeted advertising to motivated local clients
  • Profile listed among highly experienced therapists
  • Click through links to your professional website, enhancing your SEO
  • Community and professional development

If you don’t get any clients by the end of your first paid year, let us know. We’ll refund you, because we’re here to make it better — guaranteed.

Free lifetime memberships available to:

  • Published therapists with 10 years licensed experience
  • Therapists providing services primarily to lower income groups through sliding scale or partnership with Medicaid

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In-person is more personal

Face-to-face therapy has reignited the passion in my practice. The immediacy and intimacy of in-person interactions are unmatched.Sasha Avanesov, PhD

In-person therapy sessions have deepened client relationships. The physical presence brings a level of commitment and engagement that’s member

Letter from our founder

Dear therapist colleagues,

In the wake of the pandemic, our profession has witnessed a significant shift towards virtual therapy. However, the unique value of in-person therapy remains undeniable. This is where comes in – a dedicated directory to bridge the gap between therapists eager to offer in-person sessions and clients seeking the same. is more than just a directory; it’s a movement towards re-emphasizing the importance of personal connection in our field. It’s an opportunity for you to grow your practice in a way that aligns with your professional values and to engage with clients who truly value the therapeutic process. Join us in shaping a future where in-person therapy remains a vital and accessible option for those who need it most.

James Norwood, PsyD


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